Commitment To Ecology

Doing our bit for the environment – Let’s keep it Green!

Eco-Friendly Products

Our range of Eco-Friendly Noticeboard and Whiteboards are now celebrating over 15 years on the UK market. This range of products are manufactured almost entierly from timber industry bi-products and recycled materials – up to 97% per product. Many of our other products also contain recycled and recyclable materials. We use recycled card and have minimised the use of plastics in packaging.

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Offices and factory operations

Apart from offering our customers environmentally friendly product ranges we are always looking at ways of reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

In our offices, we recycle paper waste and printer cartridges. To reduce on energy used we ensure that lights, electronic equipment and air conditioning units are switched off when rooms are not in use.

In our factory we use machines with modern computer systems to ensure that waste is minimised in our production. Actual waste in terms of aluminium including swarf, card, fibreboard and other materials are recycled and often goes back to our raw material suppliers for reprocessing.

The air extraction units in our factory ensures a dust free working environment, but also has the facility to recycle the warm heated air back into our unit during the winter whilst keeping the factory a cool working environment during the summers.

For our customers

We offer our customers a wide range of product choice including Eco-Friendly products in terms of the materials used. As we manufacture most of our products in the UK and work with many local raw material suppliers, the impact of and carbon footprint of our products is also substantially less in comparison with imported goods.