Glass Whiteboards

Our contemporary styled WriteOn® glass whiteboards are available in a wide size range and have attractive chrome mounts and a matching pen tray option. These glass whiteboards are ideal for displaying information and will look stunning in any meeting and training room environment.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

We have a range of glass whiteboards that have contemporary styling and strong chrome mounts for a professional and attractive finish. The variety of colours and sizes that we stock mean that you’re bound to find the ideal glass whiteboard for your internal space.

Tempered Safety Glass

All of our glass whiteboards are made with tempered safety glass which means they can be used safely and with confidence in any educational, training or meeting room environment. Our dry wipe glass boards can be used to write and draw messages, menus and memo’s to help demonstrate ideas or a explain the agenda of a meeting.

We also have a glass display board that accept super strength neodymium magnets, helping you to display paper and posters easily on the board. We offer a selection of drywipe and wet wipe pens that are suitable for use with these drywipe glass display boards.

Glass surfaces are very resilient and easy to clean and do not suffer from ghosting which can be seen on traditional whiteboards and has as a result a much longer life span.

Ideal Presentation Equipment

Our Write On projection screen glass whiteboard have a matte surface which makes them ideal for projecting presentations whilst still maintaining their Drywipe properties for manual presentation overlay on top of the projected image. Due to how easy they are to clean, our Drywipe glass display boards are ideal for temporarily displaying notices and messages.

Browse our range of WriteOn® glass whiteboards today and find the perfect match for your meeting room.