Frameless Noticeboards

Frameless Felt Noticeboards
Product Colour: Grey Felt (LG) | Select Size: 600 x 900mm (HxW)

£42.80 Excl VAT
Frameless ColourPlus Noticeboards
Product Colour: Orange (OR) | Select Size: 600 x 900mm (HxW)

£45.70 Excl VAT
Eco-Colour Frameless Resist-a-Flame Boards
Product Colour: Light Blue (LB) | Select Size: 900 x 600mm (HxW)

£39.40 Excl VAT

There are many different ways to display your information internally and our excellent selection of unframed notice boards are here to help any room, space or building present information in a cost effective way.

Frameless notice boards are designed for wall mounting and can be mounted portrait or landscape to display information. They come in a variety of different sizes and colours and are all supplied with through the board wall fixings.