Magnetic Whiteboards

Our drywipe magnetic whiteboards are made with coated steel, superior vitreous enamel steel and glass surfaces and come in a wide range of sizes. These magnetic whiteboards are designed for use with drywipe pens and accept magnets for information display.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

We have a large range of WriteOn® magnetic whiteboards that are suitable for use with drywipe markers and magnets. These magnetic whiteboards are perfect for displaying information indoors and with a huge selection of sizes, frames and colours for choose from; we’re sure that you’ll be spoilt for choice on which magnetic display board to pick!

Corporate and Office Use

Our magnetic whiteboards are excellent for education and corporate display use due to their drywipe properties. We also offer magnetic boards in a mobile revolving double sided framework style; perfect for people with big ideas and pre-preparing information!

Our popular range of aluminium framed magnetic whiteboards includes drywipe boards measuring from 45x60cm up to 3m wide and is made from strong coated steel or superior vitreous enamel steel (VES),these VES whiteboards have a surface guarantee of 25 years!

Suiting any Internal Environment!

Our contemporary Shield Design that offers a choice of anodised aluminium and 5 popular colours to suit any environment or corporate colour scheme is now available as a coated steel magnetic whiteboard.

Growing in popularity are our contemporary WriteOn® glass magnetic whiteboards. These boards have a safety glass surface with a steel back to accept super strength neodymium magnets and are mounted with attractive chrome mounts that make them float away from the wall – ideal for training rooms and conferences – now also available with a projection surface coating!

Great Educational Equipment

For educational facilities and schools, we have large magnetic display boards that can be wall-mounted at the front of a classroom. This kind of board can help students to engage, helping them enjoy their time in the classroom.

Find your ideal magnetic dry wipe board today and find the perfect fit for your classroom or business building.