Projection Whiteboards

Projection Whiteboard
Select Size: 1200 x 2400mm (HxW)

From£349.95 to £450.75 Excl VAT
Formatted Projection Whiteboard
Select Size: 1224mm x 1933 (HxW) 16:10

From£357.50 to £395.25 Excl VAT

Our range of projection whiteboards have such a wide variety of applications that they can be used almost anywhere! These projection whiteboards are steadily growing in popularity when being used within corporate buildings as they make excellent presentation equipment for training and meeting rooms, but can also be used in educational facilities too.

Semi-Matte Finish

We have a Shield Design projector screen that comes in semi-matte finish to help with the diffusion of harmful ‘hotspots’ often given from a projector. This also helps with your presentation as the hotspot doesn’t interfere with your display.

Because our projection whiteboards have a Drywipe surface, you are able to draw over the surface. This can help when demonstrating and/or teaching.

Professional Finishes

These boards have black coated frames that give a professional touch to your indoor space. They are made with top grade enamel steel alongside other heavy duty materials. This design means that they’re safe and secure when mounted onto a wall.

View our range of projection whiteboards and find the perfect fit for your educational or corporate building today.