Sundeala Noticeboards Alternative

Eco-Colour Frameless Resist-a-Flame Boards
Product Colour: Light Blue (LB) | Select Size: 900 x 600mm (HxW)

£39.40 Excl VAT
Eco-Colour Aluminium Framed Resist-a-Flame Noticeboards
Product Colour: Purple (PU) | Select Size: 1200 x 1500mm (HxW)

£141.25 Excl VAT
Shield Resist-a-Flame Eco-Colour Noticeboards
Select Size: 1200 x 1500mm (HxW) | Select Frame Colour: Blue (BL) | Select Fill/Fabric Colour: Light Blue (LB)

£198.20 Excl VAT
Shield Wood Effect Eco-Colour Boards
Select Size: 1200 x 2400mm (HxW) | Select Fill/Fabric Colour: Blue (BL)

£243.35 Excl VAT
Shield Eco-Colour Corridor Tamperproof Boards
Product Colour: Apple Green (AG) | Select Size: 1200 x 1200mm (HxW) | Select Frame Colour: White Frame (WH)

£465.95 Excl VAT
Eco-Colour Tamperproof Resist-a-Flame Boards
Product Colour: Red (RD) | Select Size: 1200 x 1800mm (HxW)

£352.80 Excl VAT
Shield Wood Effect Eco-Colour Tamperproof Boards
Select Size: 1200 x 1800mm (HxW) | Select Fill/Fabric Colour: Grey (GY)

£522.90 Excl VAT
Eco-Colour Corridor Resist-a-Flame Tamperproof Boards
Product Colour: Green (GR) | Select Size: 900 x 1800mm (HxW) - 2 Parts

£403.50 Excl VAT
Shield Wood Effect Eco-Colour Corridor Tamperproof Boards
Select Size: 1200 x 900mm (HxW) | Select Fill/Fabric Colour: Green (GR)

£383.25 Excl VAT
Shield Eco-Colour Tamperproof Noticeboards
Select Size: 1200 x 1800mm (HxW) | Select Frame Colour: Aluminium Effect (AL) | Select Fill/Fabric Colour: Raspberry (RS)

£412.15 Excl VAT
Shield Eco-Colour Multi-Panel Noticeboard
Select Frame Colour: White (WH) | Multi-bank options : Size 5 - Light Blue | Grey | Dark Blue | Charcoal

£318.70 Excl VAT

Sundeala Noticeboards Alternative

Why Eco-Colour™ from Metroplan? For many years, Sundeala FRB board became the raw material of choice for reputable manufacturers to use in the production of fire rated noticeboards. It had unrivalled eco credentials and limited competition.

As a market leader and innovators in Display & Presentation products, Metroplan were ahead of the game introducing a modern alternative to Sundeala in 2017.

Eco-Colour™ is produced from 100% PET plastic with the majority originating from post-consumer waste material. It is fully recyclable and unlike some of the newer alternatives available on the market, we use a high content of raw material in the production process to ensure the panel density is not compromised. This has huge benefits on larger Noticeboards and during the installation process.

Since launching Eco-Colour™, the brand has built a solid reputation as a high-quality eco-friendly material, suitable for construction projects in schools, hospitals and offices, as well as domestic settings and industrial workspaces. 

The light-weight durable soft touch panels are not only Class B Fire Rated to BS EN13501, but depending on the setting, panels also have acoustic properties helping to reduce sound, with an impressive noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) rating up to 0.8.

With 11 modern and stylish stock colours and a multitude of product variants to choose from, this vibrant and stylish product is the perfect choice for your next project. 

*Conditioning pre-installation not required. This product does not contain any paper or wood and does not need to comply with FSC Regulations. Panels are suitable for UV Printing.