Unframed Whiteboards

Our range of unframed whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular due to their contemporary design. We have a range of unframed whiteboards with a colour edge and glass whiteboards to suit any environment.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Our range of high quality frameless whiteboards is ideal for any commercial building, school or business. Their wall mounted feature means that these boards can used in small rooms with limited floor space.

Concealed Fixings for Seamless Design

The simple through the board fixings of these boards make them easy to install. The colour edged frameless whiteboards can be used to create a whiteboard wall through mounting two or more pieces next to each other, creating a virtually seamless drywipe area.

Our unframed whiteboards have many uses and can be used for teaching, writing, drawing and demonstrating information to engage people of all ages.

Our Write On frameless whiteboards are designed for use with Dry Wipe markers. These boards are ideal for presenting information in any school or business.

Educational Equipment

For educational purposes, our unframed laptop whiteboards are a great choice for engaging children and students in their learning. They can be used to draft work, plan their day and explore their own ideas. Thanks to the Dry Wipe properties of these frameless whiteboards, any ideas that the students don’t feel are up to scratch can be erased; ensuring only the best work is shared!

These boards are suited to all educational and corporate facilities that want to create an interactive display. View our range of unframed whiteboards today and find the ideal match for your internal space.