Acrylic Top Lectern
Select Size: 1110 x 470 x 320mm (HxWxD)

£136.80 Excl VAT
Panel Front Lectern
Colour : Red

£275.65 Excl VAT
Fold Away Lectern
Colour : Maple

£479.85 Excl VAT

We have an array of lecterns and podiums that can be used in any conference or meeting room. If you’re looking to conduct a presentation or chair a conference meeting, you will need to use a lectern to provide a practical platform for speaking.

We have a beech panel front lectern that has panelling and grey steel framework to add to the contemporary design. Adding to this range is the coloured panel front lectern, taking a brighter and more colourful approach to the interior design of your meeting room.

These lecterns come in a range of popular colours including; black, white, red, lime green and orange. Our lecterns for audio visual equipment have two locking castors and are simple to assemble.

Folding for Easy Storage

Our standard folding lecterns fold flat for easy storage and have an extra shelf inside to hold paper, books and other presentation equipment.

We also have tabletop folding lecterns that have a large sloping shelf and paper ledge. The two hinged side panels fold flat to help make sure that portability, storage and transportation is as easy as possible.

Browse our range of standard and folding lecterns for audio visual equipment today and help to get the most out of your presentation or conference.