Freestanding Whiteboards

Our mobile & revolving whiteboards are ideal for use as teaching and training aids. Our foyer freestanding whiteboards are suitable for a multitude of information displays in hospitality, corporate and educational environments.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Our mobile whiteboard is great for teaching, training and demonstrating information within both corporate and educational environments. With a wide range of magnetic and non-magnetic mobile whiteboards on offer in a variety of frames and sizes, we’re sure that you’ll find the ideal fit for your facility!

Most of our mobile whiteboards are also revolving whiteboards. This means that the whiteboard surface is available in both horizontal and vertical rotation, whereas our mobile boards are height adjustable and can display the board in portrait or landscape orientation. This means that our freestanding units can have a variety of practical uses.

Double Sided Display and Adjustable Angles

Our revolving and mobile white board is double sided to allow display on both sides of the board depending on the subject that you’re presenting. These revolving whiteboards can also be tilted or angled towards any audience or for preparation of notes and come with integral pen tray.

Both our WriteOn revolving whiteboards and Write-Angle revolving units are available with laminate non-magnetic surfaces or magnetic coated steel surface options across 5 different sizes. Our foyer whiteboards are ideal for displaying multiple pieces of information in restaurants, reception and foyer areas. The 45 degree angle makes them the perfect way to display messages and notes for people of all heights. The contemporary Shield Design foyer whiteboard is available in a choice of anodised aluminium or 5 coloured frame options designed to match any colour scheme.

Variety of Designs

Our freestanding whiteboards can come in different options, with a choice of blank, lined or gridline designs to help with seamless and easy to read writing.

View our range of freestanding and mobile white boards today. Displaying and presenting your information has never been easier!