Poster Display

We have a wide range of poster frames in all popular sizes available for your information display requirements; including equipment for displaying posters and certificates.
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When you’re looking to display posters, notices or artwork on a wall, you’ll need a good quality poster frame. We have a huge range of poster frames that can be used internally to display information, and with the option to mount them portrait or landscape, you’ll want to use them everywhere!

BusyGrip® Poster frames

Our BusyGrip® poster frames are available in many popular frame finishes, combined with the wide range of sizes offered they provide a great way to display information anywhere. Our busy grip coloured poster frame comes in a range of 5 popular shades to suit any environment. Our red poster frame is ideal for displaying first aid posters, mandatory and health & safety information. These snap frames are available in a range of sizes including A4.

Stainless steel effect aluminium frames

Our stainless steel effect aluminium poster frames can add a contemporary feel to your internal space, whereas our wood effect snap frame provide a great way to add that traditional look and feeling of warmth. These display frames can hold any sized papers ranging from A0 to A4, and the popular B1 and B2 sizes.

Lockable poster cases

The unique Shield Design coloured poster cases have a lift off lockable cover to ensure that your display is protected from casual and unwanted interference. Our locking poster frames take popular standard paper sizes and are ideal for displaying public information.

Large displays & Multiple A4 frames

For a larger wall display we offer poster cases for both interior and exterior use up to size A0. Our multiple poster frames that can hold 4, 6 or 9 A4 posters are also ideal for displaying several notices in one protective framework, ideal for reception areas and restaurant menu displays. These multiple A4 frames have transparent clips inside of the frame means there is no need for pinning or Velcro – simply add the printed information to the clip, close the frame and your display is complete!