Whiteboard Accessories

WriteOn Drywipe Pens
Select Size: Wallet of 4 Pens

£9.75 Excl VAT
Whiteboard Gridding Tape
Product Colour: A-Blue | Select Size: 6mm

£5.50 Excl VAT
Magnetic Tape
Product Colour: Black

£7.35 Excl VAT
Coloured Magnets
Product Colour: A-Red | Select Size: 20mm

£6.60 Excl VAT
Super Strength Magnets
Select Size: 25mm - Pack of 2

£19.70 Excl VAT
Magnetic Sheets
Product Colour: A-Blue

£10.25 Excl VAT
Magnetic A4 Clear Pockets
Product Colour: Black | Select Size: Pack of 10

£55.95 Excl VAT
Magnetic Characters
Select Size: 23mm Letters

£31.25 Excl VAT
Trapease Paper Hanging System
Select Size: 1800mm Wide

£59.85 Excl VAT

Our whiteboard accessories are here to make education, learning and presenting information as simple as possible. This range of whiteboard accessories can be used on Drywipe boards and other freestanding/wall mounted whiteboards and features magnetic products to help presenting information easy.

We have magnetic sheets that can be cut or guillotined into any shape and used for colour-coding and planning. Our magnetic shapes and characters visually aid in production and planning, training and come in a variety of shapes and colours. Amongst our whiteboard accessories range are both coloured and super strength magnets; great for use with posters and paper.