Mounted Projection Screens

Eyeline Large Borderless Projection Screen
Format: 4:3 | Select Size: 3000 x 4000mm (HxW)

£2,168.80 Excl VAT
Eyeline Frame Screen
Format: 16:10 | Select Size: 1250 x 2000mm (HxW)

£414.25 Excl VAT
Eyeline Basic Wall Screen
Select Size: 1500 x 1500mm (HxW)

£97.40 Excl VAT
Eyeline Presenter Wall Screen
Select Size: 1800 x 1800mm (HxW)

£126.80 Excl VAT
Eyeline Design Manual Screen
Format: 1:1 | Select Size: 3000 x 3000mm (HxW)

£742.65 Excl VAT
Eyeline Design Electric Screen
Format: 4:3 | Select Size: 1200 x 1600mm (HxW)

£415.30 Excl VAT
Eyeline Pro Channel Fix Electric Screen
Format: 16:9 | Select Size: 1146 x 2030mm (HxW) - 1846mm max Drop

£621.90 Excl VAT

Our ranges of mounted projection screens have so many uses that you’ll want to use them to present all kinds of different information! Our range of Eyeline screens are made with woven cloth and have end mounting brackets to be attached onto either walls or ceilings.

Our manually mounted projection screens have a pull rod to ensure that you can reach the screen no matter how high it is positioned on the wall. This makes them ideal for showcasing and presenting information.

Electric Screens

We have a range of electric projection screens that have a motor situated on the left hand side. This motor helps you to slowly open and close the screen with minimal effort. The black borders on all four sides of the electric screen help you to get the most out of your display presentation, serving to enhance the projected image.

All of our screens come with a simple slow safety retract mechanism (SSR). This makes the projection screens safer to use because when the pull rod is pulled, the portable projection screen will slowly glide back into its case.

Easy Installation

These mounted screens are quick and easy to install, thanks to the fact that they do not need any complicated electrical installations. The large projection screen comes with a 2.7m cable and plug that fits right into any wall socket.

Browse our range of screens today – there has never been an easier way to complete an interactive presentation with our audio visual projection screens!