External Display

A range of freestanding and wall mounted external display boards, frames and stands, suitable for displaying information outdoors. Available in all popular sizes, our external display products are ideal for many applications.
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Finding the perfect fit for displaying your information externally is easy when you use our external display stands and frames. These frames, stands and boards are the perfect way for presenting and showcasing information outdoors providing protection against unpredictable weather.

We have a range of external display boards that are mobile and freestanding, meaning they can be displayed almost anywhere. They come in a range of popular sizes for showing any kind of display.

Pavement Signs

We have a variety of pavement signs that can be used as external display stands. Our sprung pavement signs can have a water-filled base to increase sturdiness and are double sided to showcase information from multiple angles. Our swinging external display boards swing freely in the wind and the robust swinging brackets are able to withstand moderate wind speeds.

Outdoor A Frames

Our outdoor A frames come in A1, B1 and B2 sizes that fold flat for easy storage. These external display stands are also double sided to show two different displays. Our external display boards offers an easy way to showcase a multitude of information displays. Our outdoor frames have protective UV film covers to help prevent fading and are also fitted with a weatherproof seal to prevent water damage. Our wall mounted external poster frames have a tamperproof design.

Browse our range of external display boards and frames today and find the best way for presenting your information outdoors.