Combination Whiteboards

Our combination whiteboards offer two applications in one with a drywipe area for writing messages, and a noticeboard area for displaying posters and presenting information.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

We have a range of combination whiteboards that come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit any internal space. These dual boards both a drywipe whiteboard area and a pinnable and Velcro® friendly pinboard area for displaying your information. Their dual purpose means that they have multiple uses and are ideal for use within a multitude of environments in corporate, educational and domestic settings.

Memos, Notes and Messages

Each board combines a drywipe area for writing messages, notes or memos and another noticeboard/pinboard for displaying and holding information.

These combination whiteboards are available in a choice of either anodised aluminium framing or in an attractive eco-friendly light oak effect frame made from recycled materials; perfectly suiting a facility concerned about environmental issues.

Our ThemeBoard combination whiteboard has a drywipe heading at the top of the board, these combination ThemeBoards are available in our standard anodised aluminium frame design as well as our contemporary styled Shield design frame. These ThemeBoards are available in a wide range of sizes and colours with both open and lockable tamperproof design options in order to prevent casual interference with the display. Our ThemeBoard range is made in the UK.

Transportable Boards

We also have mobile combination whiteboards that can easily be wheeled from room to room. These combi boards offer 3 products in 1 – drywipe surface that also accepts magnets, flipchart easel using the clamp supplied to hold your standard A1 pre-drilled pad and a pinnable noticeboard area – all on a sturdy height adjustable stand on castors for mobility.

These combination whiteboards have two applications within one single board; making them very efficient in terms of wall/floor space in a small room – ideal for use in staff room environments. Browse our range of combination whiteboards and find the perfect fit for your facility. With educational, corporate and personal uses available, you’ll be spoilt for choice on which one to choose!