Freestanding Display

BusyGrip Standard Information Stand
Select Size: A4 - 1010mm Max Height

From£68.55 to £90.85 Excl VAT
BusyGrip Telescopic Information Stand
Select Size: A4 - 1250mm Max Height

From£140.45 to £187.95 Excl VAT
Acrylic Top Lectern
Select Size: 1110 x 470 x 320mm (HxWxD)

£136.80 Excl VAT
BusyGrip Curve Poster Stand
Select Size: A3 - 1262mm Max Height

From£144.90 to £148.05 Excl VAT
BusyGrip Indoor A-Frame
Select Size: B2 - 700 x 500mm - 950mm Stand Height

From£87.95 to £120.00 Excl VAT
BusyGrip Outdoor A-Frame
Select Size: B1 - 1000 x 700mm - 1250mm Stand Height

From£149.90 to £221.05 Excl VAT
Sprung Pavement Sign
Select Size: 1524 x 1016mm (HxW)

£621.35 Excl VAT
Freestanding Whiteboard Signs
Product Option: Set of 3

From£128.40 to £429.20 Excl VAT
Glazed Display Cases
Select Size: 500(W) x 500(D) x 1932(H)-70Kg

From£1,924.95 to £3,223.00 Excl VAT

We have a huge range of portable display boards that can be used to display information both internally and externally to suit any environment.

Our freestanding poster stands are great for displaying information in a meeting room, reception or restaurant. We also offer display stands with a ring binder mechanism that allows you to display multipage information.

Our indoor A frame is able to hold A1, B1 and B2 sized posters in a portable display board protected by anti-glare UV resistant covers.

View our range of indoor and outdoor portable display boards today and find the perfect fit for displaying your information.