Folding Systems

Our popular ranges of Busyfold® folding exhibition panel display systems are portable and easy to use - ideal for presentations, displays, course work and showing information at exhibitions, fairs and other special events.
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Set Descending Direction

We have a wide range of folding display boards and other exhibition display systems that can be used for presentations, displays, coursework, diorama, fairs and other exhibitions. This exhibition display equipment can help you to create a large floor-standing or desktop board that is easy-folding and simple to use.

Light & Heavy Duty Display Systems

We have both light and heavy duty portable exhibition display boards that are great for a number of uses. With the chance to add carry bags, additional header panels and spot lights, you’ll be able to create an amazing display in no time!

Our heavy duty folding display board system has aluminium framing and an interlocking gear hinge mechanism with a secure panel locking system. This makes sure that they avoid toppling over and due to their easy assembly, the folding systems can be used anywhere.

Tabletop Folding Display Boards

We have a tabletop folding display board that can be portrait or landscape orientated depending on the information you want to exhibit. This board is heavy duty and can be used with Velcro and/or pins to create the perfect place to carry out a small presentation and display coursework.

View our range of folding display boards today and find the ideal one to create your own exhibition display system for commercial or personal use.