Wood Effect Framed

Our range of eco-friendly noticeboards is available in a wide range of frame finishes. These noticeboards are popular for use within both educational and corporate environments.
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If you’re looking for a traditional wood framed noticeboards, why not try our range of EF® boards. They have a stunning design, look like real wood and with the environmental benefits they are the perfect addition for display requirements within any organisation.

Our ever popular range of wood effect framed notice boards are almost entirely constructed from timber industry bi-products and recycled material, allowing you to meet any environmental standards required of your business.

Range of Styles, Colours and Finishes

In order to fit in with every room design, our wood effect framed noticeboards can be mounted in either a portrait or landscape orientation, and come in a range of infill colours with a choice of light oak, mahogany, beech and aluminium effect. Also contained within this range are coloured finishes in black, blue red or green.

We have boards available with felt fabric infill as well as cork and recycled newsprint Colourboard core. For organisations with additional environmental standards, our cork and recycled board options will not only put your materials on display, it will also support you in meeting any environmental criteria.

We also offer a dual display wood effect framed noticeboard, allowing you to display your materials on one side, and use the whiteboard surface on the other.

Tamperproof and Secure Options

We understand that, when you’re displaying materials, you need to protect them from casual interference. That’s why we’ve introduced our tamperproof wood effect framed notice board, which includes two locks with matching keys.

Metroplan offers a huge range of environmentally friendly wood framed noticeboards; view our selection of pinboards today to find the perfect fit for your internal area.