Freestanding & Mobile

Our range of freestanding noticeboards includes height adjustable, foyer boards, lockable and mobile noticeboards. These noticeboards come in a variety of sizes to hold multiple sizes posters and display items.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Find your ideal freestanding notice boards for displaying paper, posters and photos on a mobile display with our mobile noticeboards.

Our freestanding noticeboards are available in both open and lockable models with either top hinged and lift-off covers to protect the display from casual interference. Some of our freestanding units can be angled at 45 degrees, making them ideal for use as foyer noticeboards as well as great for menu-board applications.

Foyer Information Display

Our Foyer freestanding noticeboards are made with a white steel coated heavy duty stand and are suitable for use with pins and Velcro.

Our double sided mobile notice boards are great for educational and corporate use due to their strong aluminium frames and sturdy powder coated steel frames. These freestanding notice boards are available in standard and fire resistant designs.

Dual Purpose & Wood Framed Designs

We also have combination boards that have a whiteboard on one side and cloth on the reverse providing the user with a dual use function.

Our wood mobile noticeboard dividers have framed boards made from beech; sourced from sustainable rainforests. These eco-friendly freestanding notice boards are ideal for use in buildings or spaces concerned about environmental issues.

All of our mobile notice boards come with a heavy duty stand to support the entire weight of each display. View our range of noticeboards and find the ideal fit for your building today.