Pole & Panel Systems

We have flexible exhibition display panel systems available in a range of popular configurations that can easily be extended and reconfigured to suit your requirements. This equipment is ideal for conferences and meetings.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

When creating your own exhibition display, our exhibition display panel and pole systems are the best way to create a practical space to display your information. Our flexible display panel systems are easily extendable and can be added or changed to suit your own personal requirements.

OnBoard Pole and Panel System

Our OnBoard pole and panel system is a lightweight system that can easily be reconfigured to suit the desired application. These exhibition displays can be extended by adding another panel and can be used with Velcro or Busyfix as well as pins.

The reversible exhibition display panel also helps to create an interesting display as the contrasting colours can be used either way to personalise it further.

MightyBoard Exhibition Display Panel

Our MightyBoard panels can be used to create a larger space to display your presentation at a fair, conference or event. The interchangeable properties of the board help to ensure that you can easily change information when needed. Assembling the exhibition display panel has never been easier; the panels simply lock into position to make sure that the structure is safe and sturdy.

This large system is flexible in the way that the poles and panels can easily be disconnected to make transportation as easy as possible.