Wall Mounted Signage

We have a range of professionally styled wall mounted signage products, suitable for a multitude of requirements. The easy DIY set-up makes them ideal for any kind of information signage.

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Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Information signage is most commonly wall mounted, as the information can be displayed at eye level. We have a huge range of wall mounted display boards and sign frames that are professionally styled to suit any indoor space and fit a multitude of requirements.

Easy DIY Set Up

All of our wall mounted signage boards have a simple DIY setup, helping you to display information in an easy and cost effective way!

Our ShowPoint wall sign system offers information signage with an attractive aluminium curved profile that is designed to complement any interior decor. Available in 28 different size variants, this wall mounted signage board system can hold a variety of printed paper sign inserts; making them ideal for large offices and buildings.

Our QuickSign snap frame is easy to mount and simple to use. Coming in a range of 4 sizes (all variants of ‘A’ size paper), this wall mounted information signage can be mounted portrait or landscape depending on the display you want to create. These wall mounted display boards are easy to install and thanks to their flexible backing plate, they can be mounted onto any curved or straight wall.

ShowPoint® In-Out Board & Sign Frames

Our unique contemporary ShowPoint® signage solution is available as an in/out information signage board to displaying the status of each employee in any office or workspace. This system also comes with a range of arrows and can be transformed into a wayfinding system, ideal for use in reception areas. To ensure co-ordinated display throughout your building we also offer matching door signs and desk sign modules as well as sign frames in sizes A6-A3 with a useful half A4 flag sign for corridor use. ShowPoint® is easy to setup and offers full visual instruction guides. The in/out, door and desk systems can be setup in 3 ways; traditional interchangeable letters, printed inserts or drywipe for frequent information change requirements – we even include a pen!