Printed Whiteboards

Our range of printed whiteboards include options designed for discussing sports tactics, music lessons and perpetual time management. Our drywipe maps can be used within educational environments as well as for corporate sales call or logistics planning.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Drawing over a printed design doesn’t have to be permanent with our range of printed whiteboards. All of our printed whiteboards come with specific designs so that you can choose the best fit for you; whether that’s sport, map or time management related.

We have a modular printed whiteboard that come in a variety of designs, including lined, handwriting lines, music staves and plain. This makes them ideal for any educational use.

Sports and Planning Boards

Our tactical sports printed whiteboards come are available in a range of popular team sports for both handheld and wall mounted use. These can feature the pitch layout of a number of sports including; football, rugby, hockey, basketball, cricket and netball.

Our TimeMinder® printed whiteboards and perpetual planners have a Drywipe surface to record non-permanent meetings and appointments. These printed whiteboards are undated and so can be used any time of the year. Available in frameless non-magnetic design with blue edge or as magnetic whiteboards with anodised aluminium trim.

Educational Learning

For educational purposes, we have map printed whiteboards to help students to learn. We have a variety of different printed maps with a drywipe surface, including; a world map, a map of Europe, a UK postcode map and a UK road and terrain map. These printed whiteboards are easy to clean and makes learning much more fun!

View our range of printed whiteboards and find your ideal match Drywipe board today.