WriteOn® Glass Whiteboard

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Available, delivery time: 1-2 weeks

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Made from toughened safety glass with a steel back and discreet chrome mounts, our top of the range glass boards are the ultimate in presentation. 

Easy to clean and accepting 25 mm super strength neodymium magnets, paper and notes can be utilised to assist your training or demonstration. 

An optional pen tray is available and see our selection of  recommended dry wipe pens and accessories.

Weight (kg) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) when installed
G5050 3.5 500 500 32
G4560 3.3 450 600 32
G6090 6.5 600 900 32
G6510 9 650 1000 32
G9012 13.5 900 1200 32
G1212 16.5 1200 1200 32
G1015 20 1000 1500 32
G1218 26.5 1200 1800 32
G1020 27 1000 2000 32
G1224 39 1200 2400 32


Super Strength Magnets
Select Size: 25mm - Pack of 2
These high power neodymium magnets have Herculean strength for their size. Ideal for affixing heavier material, or for use on surfaces that are not very magnet conductive. Available in two sizes, 16mm and 25mm diameter in a striking machined look finish. The disk has sizeable ridges to assist in lifting or relocating these high power magnets.

£19.70 Excl VAT
Wetwipe glass and blackboard narrow tip pens
Coloured or white pens with 3mm chisel tip. . These pens are for use on glass or chalkboard surfaces. Once dry, the ink can be removed with a wet cloth. Choose from packs of 5 white pens or packs of 5 assorted colours - White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.

£15.00 Excl VAT
WriteOn® Glass Whiteboard Pen Tray
A stylish pen tray for use with our Write-on glass whiteboards. Measures 300 x 100mm.

£16.05 Excl VAT