Browse our freestanding and mobile literature displays available in a range of styles and sizes to suit your requirements. Ideal for corporate and educational facilities, these mobile leaflet holders can suit any number of applications.
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We have a number of mobile leaflet holders and dispensers that can be used to store information like leaflets, brochures, flyers and other literature in a professional, space-efficient way. Suitable for classrooms, reception and hospitality environments, these mobile leaflet dispensers are a great way to hold and display information in an interactive way.

Revolving Leaflet Displays

Our range of mobile leaflet holders also includes a popular carousel that can be rotated 360 degrees. This ensures that the 4 sides of your display can be viewed and accessed at any angle.

We also have a double sided mobile leaflet holder that contains overlapping clear acrylic pockets to get the most out of the space used. The 30mm capacity of these pockets can accommodate a variety of literature products and the chrome central column is designed to suit any internal environment.

Mobile Brochure & Magazine Stands

Our mobile brochure and magazine stands are ideal for reception areas to display brochures, leaflets and flyers. This kind of mobile leaflet display has a contemporary design that suits any internal space with 4 heavy duty wheels to aid mobility.

This type of mobile leaflet dispenser also has angled shelves that are adjustable depending on the height of the audience and/or information being displayed.