ColourBox Furniture

Our ColourBox® tray storage furniture is manufactured to the highest standard and uses market leading Gratnells trays and plastic runners for excellent school storage. Certified by FIRA, these tray and tub storage units are ideal for educational environments.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

We have a range of tub storage units that can be used to house multiple pieces of educational and corporate equipment whilst still looking professional and organised. All of our units are made entirely from top quality 18mm MFC and come in 4 different popular colours with heavy duty wheels.

Our tub storage units come with optional doors that have child-friendly hinges, making them ideal for educational purposes. We also have circular tub storage units that have heavy duty translucent storage for storing classroom equipment. This circular unit has a static plinth and a ball bearing race to help with easy rotation.

Plastic Tubs and Wicker Baskets

We have a variety of tubs, baskets and drawers that can be inserted into our tub storage units to easily store a wide range of items. Choose from practical general purpose plastic tubs that come in red, yellow or transparent shades – you can even pick all three with our combination pack!

We have traditional style wicker baskets that can be used for a more traditional look. This can help to add a classic feel to a classroom or office and make great options for pigeon hole storage.

Browse our range of tub storage units and find a great solution to storing a variety of educational and corporate equipment.

We have a variety of tray storage units that can be used by students and school children to store their belongings, homework and other paperwork. These storage units are manufactured to the highest standard and are certified by FIRA, making them ideal for use in schools.

Colourful Tray Storage Units

All of our tray storage units are made from top quality 18mm MFC and come in a range of 11 Colourbox colours to brighten up any classroom! We provide both mobile and static units depending on where the tray storage is going to be used and with the optional doors being child-friendly, the units are ideal for use within schools.

We have shallow and deep trays; both of which can easily be inserted in our tray storage units. Our deep trays take up the equivalent space of two shallow trays, enabling you to store larger items in the unit.

Gratnells Tray Storage

Our Gratnells trays can be inserted into our tray storage units or used as spare trays for encouraging good organisational skills. You are able to choose your own tray colour combination and with the option to mix and match a variety of different colours, you can create and fun, bright and exciting learning environment for students.

View our range of tray storage units for schools today and find the ideal storage unit for your educational space.