Add a third dimension to your display with these useful Busyfold® folding display plinths, ideal for creating a 3D exhibition stand. The plinths are great for creating an interactive and engaging display for events, fairs and conferences.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

If you are looking to create a visual display board that is really engaging, our plinths are the best way to go. These 3D exhibition stands add a third dimension to your display, enabling you to present your information in an intriguing way.

The heavy duty design of our exhibition plinths come with an interlocking gear hinge mechanism that ensures the stand is robust and safe. The platforms are secured into place for extra stability and the rigid double-sided panels are reversible, ensuring your stand is sturdy and doesn’t tip over!

This plinth comes with matching aluminium frames that can be used with other systems we have in our exhibition range to create a larger display area if needed.

Hidden Storage Cupboard

What’s more, our 3D display stands also have hidden storage features that can help you to hide catalogues, leaflets and other paper products that you may need throughout the exhibition. One of the panel’s hinges opens to give you the option to store valuables in a useful hidden cupboard.

Our heavy duty plinths come in 14 different Nylon finishes to match the other display systems we have on offer, helping you to create a fun and engaging 3D exhibition display.