TV Stands

Our LCD/LED TV stands are available as a column with optional shelf and cabinet accessories or as part of a multi-media cabinet unit - ideal for video conferencing setup, training room presentations and information displays in reception areas.
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

We have a huge range of LCD and Plasma TV stands that are ideal for storing LCD, LED and Plasma TV sets. Acting as multimedia cabinets they can aid video conferencing set up, training room presenting, classroom teaching and displaying information.

Our stands are available as a column and come with the option to add shelves, display cabinets and other accessories for extra storage. The LCD TV stand is modern and stylish, making it suitable for any indoor room and can fit an LED, LCD or Plasma TV up to 50”.

Extra Security for TVs and Tidy Cables

Extra security features are added to our Plasma TV stands and contain locking cabinets that fit to the stand itself. This ensures that the contents of these added storage boxes are kept safe and protected at all times; only key holders are able to open the doors. We also offer TV stand cabinets that pass infrared signals for additional security.

Our Plasma TV stands also have an integral cable tie that discreetly hides cables. This is accessed by a removable back cover and helps to improve the overall appearance of the stand.

Create your own system that includes lockable storage units and display stands. View our range of furniture stands today and find the ideal one for showcasing your LCD, LED or Plasma TV.